On this page you will find an overview of all vegan-friendly shops, restaurants, snack bars, cafes and delivery services in Trier. If you should miss something or you should notice mistakes, please contact us via our contact form, so that this page always remains up to date. Thank you! ­čÖé

The ratings are the result of a public survey we made and only give a rough, subjective picture of the vegan options at the individual shops. They only serve the clear view of this list in order to find the particularly vegan-friendly shops in Trier as quickly as possible. Shops without a rating could not be reviewed yet, but this will change in the next survey.


  • Unverpackt Trier (Simeonstra├če 3, 54290 Trier) |┬á (4,2)
  • BioGate (Palaststra├če 3, 54290 Trier) | (4,2)
  • Biomarkt Grotzfeld (Saarstra├če 10, 54290 Trier) |┬á (3,9)
  • Zwiebel Naturkost (J├╝demerstra├če 15, 54290 Trier) |┬á (3,5)
  • Weltladen Trier (Pf├╝tzenstra├če 1, 54290 Trier) |┬á (2,5)

You can find many vegan products in every major supermarket . A good offer can be found at dm, EDEKA, Kaufland, REWE, Aldi and Wasgau. In some stores there is an extra good offer, which we list here for you:

  • Kaufland Hauptbahnhof (Ostallee 3-7,┬á54290 Trier) |┬á (4,1)
  • EDEKA im RATIO Einkaufszentrum (Zurmaiener Stra├če 160-168, 54292 Trier) |┬á (3,9)
  • Kaufland Trier-West (Aachener Stra├če 58,┬á54294 Trier) |┬á (3,5)
  • EDEKA Trier-West (├ťber Br├╝cken 4, 54294 Trier) |┬á (3,3)
  • REWE Trier-Nord (Wasserweg 2, 54292 Trier) |┬á (3,1)
  • EDEKA Tarforst (Kohlenstra├če 60-62, 54296 Trier-Tarforst) |┬á (2,9)

Delivery Services

Restaurants/Snack Bars/Cafes

  • Caf├ę Mohr (Fleischstra├če 55, 54290 Trier) | No evaluation yet.
  • Palazzo Sandro (Simeonstra├če 34, 54290 Trier) | No evaluation yet.