On this page you will find information about the different types of activities that we carry out.

In addition to these regular activities, we also organize irregular protests against all forms of animal exploitation if such an event takes place in or around Trier. An example would be the annual Trier Christmas Circus, which unfortunately always has animals in its program. If you know of such an event or if you have an idea for further regular actions, please contact us using our contact form!

We also like to join actions by other groups if they share our views and goals. If you want us to be part of your campaign, just contact us.

If you are interested in our actions and want to join in or get to know more first, then have a look at our calendar and come around!


Animal Liberation Cube

We do weekly independent cubes to show people the realities of the animal industries and talk to them about veganism. Please wear black clothing when attending a demo and if possible, please wear shoes. If you have a laptop or a tablet, please bring it fully charged with the footage you can download below.

What do we do exactly?

The ‘Animal Liberation Cube’ is a peaceful and static demonstration. This demonstration operates in a structured manner that triggers curiosity and interest from the public; we attempt to lead bystanders to a vegan conclusion through a combination of local and international standard-practice animal exploitation footage and conversations with a value-based sales approach.

Here’s the footage we show for you to download:


Here’s Earthling Ed’s free E-book on how to have conversations about veganism:


Vegan Potluck Brunch

We meet every last Sunday of the month for our monthly vegan potluck brunch at the Raute in the city center of Trier (Weberbach 72).

? That means: A large buffet for everyone. The more you bring, the more is available – participation is the linchpin of our brunch. You’re cordially welcomed even if you can’t bring something with you. If you’d like to donate and support us, you’re free to do so (that’s important for us in order to pay for the brunch).

? Why vegan food?
Because no animals had to give their lives or freedom for our food.

? In addition to bringing along enough hunger and/or something to eat you can take an instrument or tabletop games.
Beverages will be availabe for a small amount of money, too.

? To make the brunch more interesting in terms of content, we try to organize a lecture if possible. They can be held by our own activists or by external parties. If you are interested in giving a lecture on a topic of your choice at our brunch, just contact us!

? If you have no clue about what to prepare, have a look at: https://veganheaven.org/all-recipes/35-easy-vegan-weeknight-dinners/ or transform your favourite recipe into a vegan one (https://ohmyveggies.com/how-to-make-almost-any-recipe-vegan/).
Please label your dishes (contains nuts/ gluten/…) to prevent allergic reactions. We provide material for that reason.

Every income above the needed amount for paying for the brunch itself is going to be used for other projects. If you would like to get involved in upcoming events, you are welcome to contact us!

The brunch also is an open encounter of our group. If you want to get to know us personally or just want to acquire further information regarding our actions, you can approach us.

? Please put your dog on a leash. In case you are allergic to animal hair contact us.

P.S.: As always, members of right-wing parties or groups are not welcome. Discriminating and offending behaviour will not be tolerated.


We show films on the subject of animal rights as part of the Agenda-Cinema (Agenda-Kino), which is organized by the Lokale Agenda 21 Trier e.V. in cooperation with the local cinema Broadway Filmtheater.

The Agenda-Cinema has become an integral part of the cinema program in Trier. The success of the series lies not only in the particularly carefully selected films, but also in the interesting discussions with experts on the respective filmic topic after the film screenings. Both are significantly supported by the respective “film partners”, throughout groups and institutions from Trier and the surrounding area.

The films in the Agenda-Cinema critically question the development of our society and our values. And they show the problems that we normally only know from sober news programs in a completely different light. The social, ecological and economic effects of globalization, the problems of a multicultural society or the challenge of living in harmony with our environment are topics that guarantee food for thought.

In the calendar of the Lokale Agenda 21 Trier e.V. you will always find the next events in the Agenda-Cinema series.
More information about the Agenda-Cinema is also available on the Broadway Filmtheater homepage:

Live sustainably!
There is a lot to do! The effects of globalization require a critical and enlightened to-do list, which we would like to express together with the Lokale Agenda 21 Trier e.V. and many other cooperation partners. We want to come up with interesting and critical films in which the ecological, social and economic questions of today’s world are shown and discussed.
We want to stimulate thought and create a discussion platform. In addition to carefully selected films, we will then also offer you interesting discussions with our film partners, who will give you, as experts on the relevant film topic, both a deeper insight and answer your questions. Further information on the current program can also be found at the Lokale Agenda 21 Trier e.V..
Screenings for school classes outside of our regular opening hours can also be booked for the films.