The man-made suffering of animals pulls through our everyday lives. Everywhere around us they are massively exploited, tortured or killed. They are deprived of freedom or happiness and treated like insensitive things. There are so many victims that we are shocked by the numbers alone. And all of this could be avoided. With this knowledge and facing the cruel normality before us, we decided to act together for the animals.

We are Animal Liberation Trier, an open, independent group of activists from Trier and the surrounding area. We see ourselves as part of the international animal liberation movement and fight with everyone who shares our views and values.

We welcome everyone who – like us – strives for a world without animal exploitation. This does not apply to enemies of humanity who devalue others, be it due to body shape, disability, gender, religion, sexuality, skin color or other human characteristics. These people are not tolerated in our ranks.

Our group should be a safe and open space in which we can support each other and grow together. It’s not mandatory to be vegan to join us. However, everyone should be aware that a world without animal exploitation is only possible with a vegan lifestyle. At least the claim should be there, we are happy to support you.

Together we can achieve more. That is why we cordially invite all interested parties to join us. We are also happy to advise people who are interested in our topics (animal liberation, veganism, ecology, etc.).

Our goal is a world in which animals are no longer exploited by us humans and treated like food, commodities, pests, experimental or entertainment objects.
A world in which animals are seen as the conscious and sentient individuals they are, who deserve our respect just as much as other people and in which we protect our environment and treat it sustainably.

We want the abolition of social violence against animals, reforming or reducing animal suffering can only be seen as an intermediate step!

We want to fundamentally change society. That is why we keep informing our fellow human beings about the suffering of animals and showing alternatives. We don’t weigh suffering against each other, we want to end it.

We are actively campaigning against animal exploitation with demonstrations and other actions. We try to actively support other groups and campaigns wherever possible.

Ecological aspects should not be neglected, because the progressive, worldwide destruction of the environment has serious consequences for animals and people who live in and from it. Animal-exploiting industries in particular also play a large part in this.

That is why we also try to promote an understanding of how battles are related to people, animals and nature within the animal rights and animal liberation movement.